For Sale

Effective February 1st 2010 you will be able to buy prints, videos or ‘odds and ends’ from this site.

Prints are generally available from anything that is shot after January 1st, 2006. Earlier photos may be available depending on the quality of the file. They are strictly available only for non-commercial use. You must provide me with the image number or link, I cannot research my files to find images of you or your friends. My library contains over 10 000 images.


All photos, whether they are colour or black and white are printed on colour photographic paper. This means that the black and white images may have a colour cast to them. All sizes refer to paper size, I will inform you of  the image size if different from the paper size. Delivery takes approximately 2 weeks.

8″ x 12″ – 1st print – $13.99 each additional print of the same image $9.99

12″ x 18″ -1st print -$19.99 each additional print of the same image $14.99

Larger sizes by quote.

Shipping & Handling $9.99 Canada, $15.99 USA, elsewhere by quote for up to ten prints. Free shipping for ten or more prints when ordered at the same time. Payment by PayPal preferred.

I reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason.


All videos are $19.99 shipping included to Canada and the USA unless otherwise noted. These are the same videos you see on the site but at a higher quality. They will play in most DVD players and computers. These are for non-commercial use.

Odds and Ends

There will a link here to my on-line store. You will be able to buy all sorts of odds and ends, mostly used stuff. Anything from complete bicycles to parts and my other non-cycling items and publications.