Ward 37 should be afraid of Michelle Berardinetti.

There are probably people in Ward 37, it is the area immediately north of Ward 35, where Michelle Berardinetti’s message of removing bike lanes is well received. This message is for you. Unless you want to live in a construction zone, hear the hissing sound of your wallet being deflated by city council to pay for double digit tax increases and see your property values plummet you should be afraid of Ward 35 candidate for council . Very, very afraid. How afraid. of you will lose your homes, they will be bulldozed over.

Where does she get the idea, ““Also to find proper bike linkages that actually do match up and link to the bike-way through hydro corridors. There’s ravines, there’s safe bike paths that can be created but not on Pharmacy and Birchmount.”(TorontoObserver)? Well head on over to her web site. The main page features a prominent link to . Saveyourbusiness.ca in tandem with (both sites are the creation of the Toronto Party) suggests, “…It would be far safer and more efficient to convert these bike lanes back to traffic lanes and provide a bicycle trail in a nearby off-road corridor…”

Ward 37 people still nodding your heads in agreement? Check out their plans for the roads. HWY 448 is what you should be afraid of. Very, very afraid. HWY 448 is what they want to stick into your backyards. Keep reading the web sites. They want to tunnel or trench a freeway through the hydro corridor that runs just north of Eglinton. That same corridor they want to stick cyclists is where they will stick HWY 448. You will only get to keep the soccer pitches currently located there if they can tunnel. Well at least 905′ers will be able to get home faster. Just think of how many years you will have to endure living in a construction zone. The Toronto Party estimates the cost of HWY 448 at over $120 million. Though the sum seems rather low considering how many of your houses or businesses will have to be bulldozed. Think of Boston’s Big Dig.

Take a good look at the prominent link provided by Ms. Berardinetti. It talks about the War on Cars, War on Business and the War on Fun. It espouses enough conspiracy theories to bring back X-Files for another seven seasons. Oh yes, global warming is a fraud too. The Gardiner?  They want to string that up on wires. This would be comedic if they were not so serious.

Really. With endorsements like that can you afford to have political enemies?

You people laughing at this in other parts of the city stop. This is only one of four expressways they want to build inside the borders of Toronto. You should be afraid too.

Correction(10/15/10) – ‘Bucky’ pointed out that I goofed on Wards. It is Ward 37 that is north of 35. Ward 36 only has to worry about a couple of small roads they want changed to arterial roads.

6 thoughts on “Ward 37 should be afraid of Michelle Berardinetti.

  1. Bucky on said:

    Hmmm…. Ward 36 is south of Ward 35. Also, I see that Martin must be a hack posting in both the Sun comments and here.

  2. Administrator on said:

    I detest censorship. Unfortunately I must censor a comment made with respect to this post. It contains possible threats and a piece of info about evidence. After reading what I can post know that this site has been around for almost ten years. Heaps is in no way connected with it. I can barely stand him. The commenter followed up with a post and signed it as being from Heaps. Any allegations against Heaps are unproven.

    Nice try Adrian and son. You guys should try to be a bit more sophisticated if you want to create a 3rd party attack site. Too little too late. Go back to the Beaches, Adrian and stop wasting your time creating these types of web sites. You take Ward 35 residents for granted. — (remainder of comment removed)

  3. Finally on said:

    Drivers are sick of bikes, bike lanes, and being treated like second bananas. We’re not going away. We are now finally starting to get representation we deserve seeing as we pay for the damn roads. Any politican that doesn’t start making life better for drivers does so at their peril as this election and others around the country are starting to show.

  4. Administrator on said:

    Hopefully you will soon see past the hood of your car. Ford will bring some change initially but will then realize how big the problems are and he will have to pay for them. The car tax may disappear but it will have to be replaced somehow. Property tax increases will make up for it.

    In fairness, this would hold true no matter who got elected. How many times have we seen someone get elected and then renege on their promises cause they did not know big the debts were.

  5. Brian on said:

    Thank goodness Mr. Heaps you are gone. You dont live in my ward so why run in my ward. You said in the debate that there is no evidence of shelter people coming stealing from nearby homes. You are 100% wrong. You dont live in my ward. You dont talk to my neighbours. That is because you dont want a shelter in your own area. There was one incident where 2 shelter people went to a home and asked if they could use the phone to call a probation officer; they both entered, while the other was talking to my neighbour the other was stealing. Does the mayor live outside Toronto. So please stay in your own ward. NOBODY likes the lanes on BIRCHMOUNT or PHARMACY. BUSES have a problem. People getting into a lot of accidents. More cars idling causing more pollution. DID YOU NOT THINK ABOUT THAT. DID YOU EVER SEE ANYONE RIDING A BIKE ON PHARMACY. OH YAH, I SAW ONE GUY RIDING A BIKE. HE WAS RIDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. YOU ARE A JOKE. WARD 35 RESIDENTS ARE GLAD TO SEE YOU GO. STAY IN THE BEACH. THANKS.