Cannot protect the homes on Pharmacy Avenue.

The bike lanes have been removed on Pharmacy to protect those who thought it was a safety hazard. What is Councillor Berardinetti going to do about another common problem on Pharmacy Avenue? More often than not errant cars hit houses on Pharmacy Avenue rather than other cars. Luckily the latest took place early on a weekend morning because it occurred at an intersection heavily used by young students walking to school on weekdays.

Wonder how many people want to live on Pharamacy Avenue when there is a risk of them being hit by a car while they are in their home? So far they have been lucky, no homeowners have been injured.–driver-flees-after-crashing-into-scarborough-home?bn=1

2 thoughts on “Cannot protect the homes on Pharmacy Avenue.

  1. Tom Polarbear on said:

    is this the same Councillor Berardinetti who runs her oqwn drunk drivers squad in Scarborough? She follows, pulls over and takes the keys out of the car of a drunk driver and holds him till the police arrive. Shades of vigilanty-ism! The cops said she should do her job at city hall and leave the police work to them!

    Next she will be out chasing down speeding cyclists and those who do not stop for stop signs!

  2. Administrator on said:

    I have not heard that about her. Maybe you have her confused with someone else. Chasing drunk drivers around seems a dangerous thing to do.