Thank you for cycling!

I was riding along the College Street bike lane heading east and was coming up to the red light at University Ave. and an older woman stepped out to the edge of the sidewalk and handed me an envelope saying “Thank You for cycling today”! I thought it might be a flyer or something so I stuck it into my pocket and started through the now green light. On the other side of the intersection another cyclist passed me and turned to say ” how much do you think is inside” as he waved his envelope, I said I don’t know maybe its a coffee coupon.

A bit further ahead I thought I’d make a U-turn and go back and see who she worked for, but she was gone.

When I got home I looked at the envelope. It’s hand lettered “Thank You ($ gift inside).”

I opened it and inside was a letter and a new $5.00 bill. Wow!

So I took the $5.00 and bought 2 lottery tickets for tonights 6/49 draw!
You don’t think she works for Rob Ford’s office??

Tom Polarbear

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17 thoughts on “Thank you for cycling!

  1. tino on said:


  2. scunny on said:

    ( :-)

  3. jake on said:

    Likes it. Good to see “Anonymous” supporting the velorution in Toronto!

  4. dances with traffic on said:


  5. Yvonne on said:

    lovely & kind :)

  6. soah on said:

    She probably was standing there all morning waiting to give a donation to the first cyclist that actually stops at a Red light, good thing it wasn’t raining. Good luck on the 6/49 tickets.

  7. Maybe she should be Mayor!

  8. The mind boggles at the distance between those that get it so clearly and others that seemingly will never get it.

  9. Stephen H on said:

    If they’re handing out $5 to cyclists then I should get at least $50 for driving a sweet car. Fair’s fair.

  10. Polrbear on said:

    well car owners got their $60 pothole registration tax refund already or as 311 Toronto says, its coming in the mail as it takes up to 6 weeks. Six weeks to get from Bay and Queen to Yonge & Wellesley? Maybe Canada Post should buy a fleet of bicycles (like they had in the old days) and scrap those big trucks that always park in my bike lanes!?!

  11. Robert on said:

    Thanks for sharing it’s great to hear about random acts of kindness

  12. Brian on said:

    5 dollars is the average price paid to bike messengers to take an envelope across town during the days business.

    The vast majority of us only get to keep 3 of those dollars.

    5 Dollars is the average amount a bike messenger has to pay each day for the phone that the courier companies require them to rent.

    The vast majority us also have personal phones to pay for.

    5 dollars is how much it costs to sign a union card with CUPW.

  13. Polrbear on said:

    OK Brian, and your point is??

  14. Mr. Quim on said:

    This lady had a great attitude.

  15. Kimi on said:

    That’s amazing! We need more people like this lady in our city :)

  16. Paulo Borges on said:

    Great attitude. Regards from Europe, Portugal (Oporto city)