Cost of a litre of blood going up.

I have ranted about some of these issues before.  It always amuses me to see die hard capitalists demand price controls on the price of gas when it starts heading up. Today I am going to quickly throw in those who whine about gas prices while being fair weather supporters of democracy. Stereotypically we nail Americans with this attitude but these type of people exist in the majority of the population of every western country. I am absolutely for democracy but there are costs involved.

A lot of people are whining about the cost of gas for their cars going up quite dramatically in the last couple of weeks. Most of this increase is related to people of various countries trying to bring in democratic changes, most notably in Egypt and Libya. Yet no one seems to make this connection while filling up at the gas pump. They whine about the news of gas going up but are silent about the bloodied faces they see on TV. Those faces belonging to those fighting for democracy.

Quite frankly those who are standing at gas pumps crying over the increasing price of gas should shut the fuck up. They should be standing there thanking their lucky stars that they are not filling their cars up so they can run some of their rebel friends and family, who are fighting for democracy, up to the front lines to fight. In the process risking their own life and vehicle by being targeted by superior firepower of the other side along the way. Forget the fact that those rebels will mostly be coming home in body bags. Those few extra pennies one is paying for gas is the price of democracy. Unfortunately democracy is very expensive. Forcing dictators to share the wealth with their people is going to further increase the price of gas.

Want the price of gas to go down? Take the bus or ride your bicycle. As long as the demand for gas is inelastic you are going to see the price of democracy factored into it.

It is quite sickening to hear someone whine about the price of gas when they are not paying for it with their own blood. Next time you are filling up stand tall and be proud you can afford democracy and that your gas is not discounted on the back of others who live without democracy.

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8 thoughts on “Cost of a litre of blood going up.

  1. Mr. S. on said:

    Excellent post. N. Americans have no idea, because we like it that way.

  2. dances with traffic on said:

    Indeed. The bicycle is the most democratic form of transportation available to us. Nevermind that Orwellian name calling… cyclists are commies? Hah! Cheap, accessible to the individual and self reliant… what is more democratic? a car? Yeah right, maybe in 1920 when a few well-off people owned them, but now it’s mass socialism. Even the NDP is offering to help you fill up your tank. People are strange.

    We rode them before, we’ll probably ride them after.

  3. John B on said:

    The reason the price of gas has gone up is not because rebels in Libya are fighting for democracy. It’s because the market speculators are using this unrest as a pretext to raise the price of a barrel of oil. Any excuse will do, so long as there’s a profit to be made. Besides, any threat to the oil supply from Libya can’t affect North America, only parts of Europe.

  4. Administrator on said:

    If you buy stocks, antiques, original artwork, hockey trading cards, etc. you are a speculator. Is there some reason why oil should be off limits to speculators?

  5. dances with traffic on said:

    John B, is your point to promote socialism? Do away with what remains of the bourse? When do I get my government rationed car and subsidized gasoline.

  6. THE MAN on said:

    This article has to be one of the dumbest things i have ever read. Gas is going up due to the major “BIG WIGS” at the refineries taking advantage of the crisis in our world…..

    GET A LIFE MAN !!! As for u idiots that say “take the bus”… REALLY??? An independant contractor like my self struggling enough as it is to get buy is supposed to take the bus everyday with thousands of dollars of tools strapped to my back….make sense???

    Lets just wait and see the next time u guys head to the grocery store and find out that a head of lettuce will now be $5 or better yet a loaf of bread for $5…WHY ??? because it costs alot of money in FUEL to get the damn products to where they have to go.

    Its not just people crying at the pumps you morons…THIS AFFECTS EVERYTHING…..



  7. dances with traffic on said:

    Hey look, somebody whining about the price of gas(cutting into their profits). Maybe they should join the army instead and volunteer to goto Libya to resolve the crisis. Maybe they should do something(like sell that gas guzzler) instead of just whining. Maybe they should realize people who drive hundreds of miles a day for teeny tiny jobs are going to get screwed in the future by the end of cheap energy… just some ideas, the world she is a changing!

    BTW… the man, haha… bend over further and get comfortable in preparation for the future. $5 lettuce is coming.

  8. dances with traffic on said:

    Look at that price skyrocket, gas taxes are the best way to get people who use our roads the most to pay for their usage! Now lets make sure the gov’t doesn’t piss away this revenue on some subsidy for motorists to get votes!